Brittany and Cameron Bertuzzi

Andrea and the team at Enchanted Cypress bent over backward to make my big day special. The facility is breathtaking and months after the wedding people are still telling me how beautiful it was. Thanks to the team at Enchanted Cypress everything went off without a hitch. Knowing that they were taking care of everything allowed me to show up, and enjoy the happiest day of my life. This was truly a memorable event for my guests and we could not have done it without Enchanted Cypress.

Marylou and Kyle Tyllick

Every bride wants the day of her wedding to be just like she dreamed, and we all know that no matter how big or small the event, it requires a lot of creativity, time, hard work, and patience. It can get pretty stressful and consume you if you let it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As a former bride, I can honestly tell you that booking with Enchanted Cypress will be the best decision you make. Everything else will fall into place – I know it did for me! This venue has it ALL – from the caterer, baker, DJ, linens, decorations, etc. And if they don’t, they have an extensive list of vendors who they highly respect and trust to ensure your day is just how you want it. Let planning your wedding be an enjoyable experience that you, your families, and even your fiancé will cherish forever!

My whole experience started off on the right foot from the moment we stepped in. My fiancé (now husband) and I made a casual day date of looking at different venues in the Houston area. Our objective was to compromise on where we officially wanted to start our “first” day together as husband and wife. After awhile, all these venues started to look the same – they all had the generic set up. How were we going to make such a crucial decision? It didn’t take much compromising or looking for that matter though because we both fell in love with EC.

Yes, we were drawn to the gorgeous details of the ballroom. the immaculate chandeliers, booming sound system, attractive dance floor, etc. I could honestly go on forever. But this isn’t the only thing that sold us and set them apart from the rest of the venues. The winning factors were the people who manned this “ship” who deserve all the credit – Andrea and Abdee. If you ever get a chance to talk to them on the phone or meet them in person, you will know exactly what I mean. Even during our preliminary consultations before the papers were signed, they both took the time to listen to what we envisioned – our needs and wants, worked within our reasonable budget, and put together a package that others could not even beat – not even close. After that, they built a relationship with us and strived to make our dreams a reality. If there’s anything they understand crystal clearly, it’s that booking for a wedding isn’t just a casual business transaction; it’s an intimate event celebrating the marriage and purity of 2 people becoming 1 in front of their cherished family and friends.

Over the course of the months prior to the wedding, they made wedding planning feel like a breeze. I was very detailed and had many questions. Andrea and Abdee were very thorough in answering all of my questions in a timely manner. They were open and flexible in how I wanted my wedding to be run and had many options for me to choose from. They were organized and made sure all of my appointments for the caterer, baker, and DJ ran smoothly (all of which I would highly recommend), and they offered valuable, sound advice because this was their field of expertise.

The day of the wedding, I was calm and collected because I knew Andrea and Abdee had it all under control. The vendors were occupied handling their specific tasks, the ballroom was dressed up just how I wanted it, the bridal party never felt anxious or rushed, and the guests had a wonderful time. Of course, my husband and I were on cloud 9 the whole evening.

Looking back, I truly appreciate them for the genuineness and transparency they reflected to me and will continue to portray to their clients. I just have so many good things to say about this venue. This is an absolutely gorgeous venue with a happy balance of enthusiasm, trust, and quality. This power team at EC is professional, yet personable at the same time. They will keep up with you and make sure everything is in line. I went in hoping they would meet my high (and sometimes unrealistic) expectations. In actuality, they surpassed them. They made planning worthwhile and pleasant, and I built such a great bond with them over the period of getting ready for the big day. Most importantly, they have the bride’s interest at heart. I was very fortunate because other brides don’t have as good experience with their venues. We all had THE BEST TIME, and our guests are still raving about it all!

Book with this hidden gem, Enchanted Cypress, and take your wedding to the next level – I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Brooke and Shawn Herrington

I cannot rave enough about Enchanted Cypress. I had my wedding on April 9, 2011 and it was so much more than me and my husband could ever imagine. I would like to take a minute and walk you through my experience working with Enchanted Cypress.

Like most brides I did all of my research on EVERY venue in the Houston area. This includes all hotels, banquet halls, country clubs, restaurants, etc. If you have heard of it I went to it. After searching high and low a family friend recommended Enchanted Cypress. The moment I walked in on the red carpet I knew this was going to be the perfect place. The ballroom was like nothing I have ever seen before. The chandeliers, the décor, the dance floor, the raised cake platform, and the light show will make people’s jaws drop. I had about 300 people at my wedding and I am still getting phone calls from family and friends letting me know that this was the best wedding they have ever been to. The food was amazing and they had a nice variety to choose from. We also opted for passed appetizers which my guests raved about how good those were too. The venue has an amazing set up for guests to choose to either dance the night away or chat with family and friends. It is a very open concept which me and my husband loved because no one ever felt disconnected from the reception. My guests danced the night away and the majority of the guests stayed the entire time!

Working with Andrea (the wedding coordinator) and Abdee (the owner) was so pleasant. They made it so easy for us. Not only did they cater to our million questions they were able to help us decide on multiple things regarding décor, food, drinks, and other vendors. Enchanted Cypress is truly a one stop place. We used all of their recommended vendors and we were VERY pleased with each of them. Enchanted Cypress had scouted out the best vendors in the area and it made it very easy for us to coordinate all the wedding festivities with each of them since they work directly with Enchanted Cypress.

There is so much more I can say about how much we loved Enchanted Cypress. I promise you that there is not a better group to work with in the Houston area and there definitely isn’t a prettier ballroom. Enchanted Cypress and their staff truly do care and they truly want your day to be the most special memory you will ever have.


Michele Barnhill – Mother of the Bride

Our wedding at Enchanted Cypress was by far the single most eventful thing I have ever done in my life. I had never spent that much money on anything or event before. In the beginning of the planning process, I was very apprehensive on signing the contract. You were very reassuring and so pleasant to work with. From the beginning, I knew this was going to be the right decision. I know we hit you with a million questions and concerns. You answered every concern and question we had honestly and truthful.

Brooke and Shawn’s wedding was a dream. Everything went perfect. The ballroom looked beautiful;I had so many people come up to me in awe at the fabulous ballroom. The food, drinks, music, cake and coordination of our event was perfect. I enjoyed myself and our guests without a care or concern. You handled everything perfectly and I know Brooke and Shawn feel the same way.

You and Abdee made us feel so special. We felt you both truly cared about us, and in doing so you made this important date the once in a lifetime special occasion it was meant to be. Our only daughter’s wedding.

We will remember April 9th for a lifetime and we truly can’t thank you and Abdee enough for everything you did for us. In the end, it was even better than we imagined. We still have people telling us how good a time they had at our wedding.

I am so glad we had our event at Enchanted Cypress. You truly know how to do it right!!!

DereneWiltse – Mother of the Bride

As the mother of the Bride, I want to thank everyone at the Enchanted Cypress Ballroom for helping my daughter have a wedding reception that exceeded our expectations. Our guests said that it was right out of a fairytale and my daughter truly felt like a princess, but who wouldn’t. From the moment you step into the building and see the “Enchanting” hallway that entices you to the grandeur ballroom, you know the evening will be magical.
The opulence of the grand ballroom eludes romance with sparkling chandeliers and elegantly set tables. The magnificent staircase was used to showcase and announce the bride and groom. We really felt as if we were in a palace and we were treated like royalty with the exemplary service. The “Picture Walls” are framed beautifully and added the perfect touch with personalized photos of my daughter and son-in-law and our families. Every detail of the décor was carefully selected and is a work of art…including the luxurious bathrooms.
Our guests praised the food saying it was exceptional including the buffet of hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour. The cuisine offered an array of so many choices and the presentation was beautiful. As the evening became festive with the band starting, the Enchanted Cypress Ballroom’s Laser Light Show began on the dance floor and it was spectacular! What was most amazing is that while the Surround Sound System is fantastic, the guests who wanted to continue in intimate conversations at the table were not drowned out by the music. A very well designed and thought out sound system. So everyone enjoyed the evening.
Planning a wedding when your daughter lives in another city can be quite challenging, we thought, until she found Enchanted Cypress Ballroom. Andrea was our lifesaver by coordinating the details seamlessly by phone, email, and in person (when my daughter could be in Houston.) She is there every step of the way. Andrea is extremely organized and dedicated while being creative and willing to accommodate your ideas. She truly is excited about your wedding. It was delightful to hear her say “Don’t worry, I will handle it” and she did. The entire staff is extremely helpful and courteous.

Again, I want to thank you for the articulate care and pride taken in making my daughter and son-in-laws dream wedding so special and an event our guests never will forget. It was truly an “Enchanted” and “Magical” evening!